Time frame on the FTA rights

I haven’t heard it discussed for a long time , but was wondering if they have come up with a time frame that they want to have the FTA Tv rights sorted out by for next season ??

You would imagine it would have to be coming up reasonably soon ??

Can’t wait for them to take it off 9 and maybe we might get one or two more live games on FTA by someone who actually cares about the public

I don’t think there is one.

“Nine and Fox retain first and last bidding rights as part of their current deal with the league, but they would forfeit the right for last shot should either Seven or Ten beat their initial offer by 20 per cent.” (AAP)

So your chances of seeing 9 not involved at all are rather slim.

There was an article in the SMH this morning suggesting 7 & 9 were going to work out a deal whereby 7 aired some NRL games and 9 aired some AFL. This would allow Fox to screen every game live.


I would certainly hope that the rights would be sorted out by the end of July. At what stage last year was the AFL deal announced?

I think it is later in the year by October from memory

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It was announced in April last year. Hopefully ours will be released in July, record Origin numbers will only boost the price. Don’t be deceived by what you read, we’re not going to get anywhere near the AFL deal, expect around $850 - $900 million.

I think we will get a Billion for the F.T.A, but there will be more commercials & time off.


I think we will get a Billion for the F.T.A, but there will be more commercials & time off.

AFL got $1.25 billion for a longer product, with 9 games a week, with at least 2 teams in every major market and a longer game.

NRL only has 8 games a week, plus 14 of its 16 teams conduced to 2 markets, AND hardly as many advertising opportunies. I can’t see it happening, unfortunately. It’s not that I don’t love the NRL, it just seems like an unrealistic expectation.

I see your point Bismark, but for too long the nrl has basically just accepted what the free to air television networks have told them their product is worth, even accepting channel 9 telling them for decades now that their product doesnt even deserve live coverage on sunday afternoons!

Its a bit like selling your car and letting the prospective buyer tell you what the car is worth. Ofcourse you wont get the price you need or want when you do that.

In my opinion the new independent commision needs to push hard, the new deal will and should be far in excess of the current one but they absolutely MUST demand live coverage of ALL games no matter what. I also think its a far better idea to spread the rights over multiple free to air networks, possibly sell the representative games and finals rights seperately from the nrl regular season aswell.

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