Ellis return

Just think when Gaz returns we wont be relying on him to work his backside off i reckon he should come back as a 50-60 minute player get more value out of him since his body is startin to struggle.

Now that we are winning does this mean that Sheensy can coach now ?? Our clubs in good hands well done boys

4 weeks and we will know

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If he gets some form I think we will be looking real good in our forwards. He is a gun backrower and makes an impact.

Blair up the middle, Ellis on the left and Fulton on the right.

After tonight life after Ellis don’t so grim. Still gonna miss the mad Pom. Looking forward to him finishing off on a high note.

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I just hope his return doesn’t come @ the expense of M. Bell.

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Who will miss out? Ayshford has to come back. After 6 years we finally have a 1/2 back & the Tigers are looking like a very well balanced team.

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