Woods and Siro

We have got two ‘build your team around’ blokes in these two.

Amazing effort from the club as the Robbie and Benji era still has a solid 4 or 5 years to run.

I’ve criticised Sheens and co and some people here seem happy to attack Warren Mc……but whoever is responsible for their development deserves a tonne of praise.

The next ten years you can build around a potentially superstar prop and pivot.

It’s increbily RARE to get that combo…top class pack leader and half.

And neither is 21.

When Robbie and Benji retire, they’ll be ready. It won’t be like when Junior, Blocker and Benny retired and there was ten years of darkness.

Woods is 21, but only by a few months, but yes our future looks very good.

add tedesco to that ……

Those three will form a string nucleus for the team over the next decade

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The hard part will be knowing who to keep & people understanding why we let go players like Everingham. I don’t think anyone has ever been a problem with our juniors it has been established first graders that have been bought that have let the club down in the past.

To add to Woods and Sirro we have a great batch of juniors who will feed into the 20’s over the next couple of years. The current 18 year age group has the proven to be one of the strongest we have had for quite some time, how many of them make through to first grade is yet to be determined but it is a great position for the club to be in.

I’m as happy as the next guy, but lets remember its the same playing roster that lost 5 in a row earlier this year that everyone was critical of. My point is, we’re never as good as we thinker are and we’re never as bad as when think we are.

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