Our best performance ever?

Was this our best ever?
Okay maybe best ever is an exaggeration, but it was certainly up there.
I don’t remember us being so fluent and effective in everything we do.

every game in the 2005 final series were better

Def our best this year, we keep up this pace we can go all the way…

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It was pretty good. I have the biggest smile from ear to ear at the moment and it’s all because of this wonderful Tigers side. Well done boys.

Melb would have put 60 on that Canberra performance.

We did well, and its a GREAT step in the right direction…but honestly, Canberra were down right dreadful

I was impressed with the effort considering the conditions

Not ever, but good. Honestly how crap were Canberra. Hard not to look good against them, I’m very happy but not getting too carried away.

We ar on track and playing good footy. I’ll be doing cartwheels if we knock over Melbourne next week.

It was a great performance. It doesn’t compare to 05 but geez that was good.

It was in the rain and it was against a team with a good pack of forwards and some good backs. Canberra are a bit of a mess though.

Yeah. Very controlled in horrible conditions. But the Raiders are a beaten side…they were horrible. The view of the change rooms at half time told the story. Feel genuinely sorry for Raider fans (almost!)

A bit of everything….shades of 05s flair and brilliance coupled with a patience Im liking a lot

05 is 8 years ago. We are a totally different team. So can’t compare.

But in terms of structure I think it is the best I have seen them. Kicking was spot on. And yes Canberra was crap cause we put pressure in them and gave Dugan a food working over. Completion rate was excellent. Defence excellent. Forwards excellent. The whole game was excellent and with conditions so poor it’s even more impressive.

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The thread refers to ‘‘all time’’
Best performance ever??

….so comparing 05 must be included

Certainly for this year…. so far!

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The Raiders made us look much better than we were. A solid performance and still moving in the right direction.


The Raiders made us look much better than we were. A solid performance and still moving in the right direction.

I feel that is an incorrect assessment. The conditions were woeful and our skill level was almost a 10. Canberra were poor but as others have said we made their game go to poo with our relentless pressure.

I doubt any side would have beaten us tonight. Every part of our game was on…5 or 6 players deserved MOM.

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