Betting - Tigers Favourites

TAB Sportsbet:
Wests Tigers $1.67
Cowboys $2.15

Wests Tigers $1.63
Cowboys $2.28

Line: +3.5 to Cowboys.

wow - did not see that coming.

i expect alot of money to come for the cows


Obviously they aren’t taking form or the table into consideration!

Head to Head Win Points Line

1. WESTS TIGERS 1.63 -5.5 : 2.14 -3.5 : 1.90
2. NORTH QLD COWBOYS 2.28 +1.5 : 2.12 +3.5 : 1.90

This is what I like, now that Galloway is not playing.
Tigers by +13 is paying $3.50……mmmmm, tempting

I’m actually fairly confident we can get the job done at Leichhardt, but I’m not sure about 13+…

One thing I think could be a sure bet is the over/under line.

TAB Sportsbet haven’t released it yet but I have a feeling this will be a high scoring game, the Tigers at Leichhardt generally score a few points and the Cowboys with a fired up Thurston and Matty Bowen back in the line-up could reek a bit of havoc on our defence if this season is anything to go by…

If the over/under line is in the 40’s I will be punting on the over, I could imagine a 30-24 type scoreline here.

Cowboys are good odds, but the Tigers will be way too good. 13+. Origin looked very physical and tough and Tonga looked injured (minor probably).

Around $1.75 on Betfair. They might drift out a bit more but suprising they opened as favourites by that much!

Payne & O’Donnell are big losses for the Cowboys…

Tuiaki first try into Tigers 13+ 😃

so we should be favourites after that flogging of the bunnies 😆

Tigers 1-12
MOM- Farah ( If he plays)
FTS- Tuiaki
LTS- Carl Webb

With the way TNT is barnstorming the tryline,you have to love this bet….

Most Tries - Tuiaki vs Bowen

TUIAKI, Taniela (Tigers) 3.25
Tie 1.95
BOWEN, Matt (Cowboys) 3.50

Most Tries - Lawrence vs J.Williams

LAWRENCE, Chris (Tigers) 3.25
Tie 1.95
WILLIAMS, John (Cowboys) 3.50

Lawrence is due and at Leichhardt that could be a good bet!

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