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I’ll be putting something in soon that will automatically force https.

i’ve just been really busy lately and havn’t had the time!

Using Safari you get can not open page as Safari can not get a secure link to https yada yada

I got it as https on my phone using google crome.

Looks like someone left the door unlocked

What’s the go with all these Asian posts we’ve been hacked.


Looks like someone left the door unlocked

Too much rice wine…

Have they gone for you guys now…?

I’ve changed the spambot countermeasures to use reCATCHPA

The image or profile avatar I think is not working properly. I am trying to re-load my avatar and it is way too big. So I chose a new one and it is still doing the same thing.

what about an app for android users?

new layout looks good… i should be able to get used to it before next game 😄

also is their anyway to ‘react’ to or to like a post?

@TheDaBoss you can upvote or downvote a post. Look next to the quote button on a post.

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