Ask The Person Below You A Question

Its a simple game really ….

Ask any question you want (within reason of course - nothing rude, too personal, obscene etc.) and the person below has to answer it truthfully and then ask their own question for the next person to answer.

I’ll start

Have you got any pets?

At the moment nope. Use to have goldfish but that was years back haha!

If you had $1 million dollars but had a day to spend it, what would you spend it on?


why does the cereal that i eat taste so good?

Because its made from crack

Summer vs winter - what’s your pick?

Winter, because you can always warm yourself up when cold, but in summer you can not always cool down when hot.

An incident at work has left you with 1 day to live. The company you work for has offered to spend any amount of money on you and any one you want to do things with for the whole day. What do you do?

I’d take my kids ‘shopping’ for a house each and my hubby ‘shopping’ for the car of his dreams … get them set up for the rest of their lives.

What’s the one thing that would make your life complete?

Another Wests Tigers Premiership :slight_smile:

If you were Prime Minister for a day and had one law you could introduce, what would it be?

I have two son’s but would love a daughter, the one law i would bring in is all School skirts must be below knee length. It makes me sick to see how short girls skirts are these days.

What significant decision in your life would u change if u had your time over?

I would have left school after year 10 and done a trade. I don’t have the drive to do a trade now.

If you had the opportunity to know what you could achieve in life and how it ends; would you change it?

In short - no. But I may change my mind once I actually find out - so I guess the answer is……yes!

You get on well with your neighbours. Have a Christmas BBQ once a year, and wave hi when you see them. One day you realise that the wife is having a fling with an unknown man while the husband is at work through the day. She knows that you know. Do you tell her husband? why - why not?

No…you dont tell, you may get some eventually as well.
They also may be swingers.

Are you honest and point it out, when recieving too much change, or do you pocket it quickly and walk away whistlin?

Definately point it out unless I find them to be unfriendly or their service really poor.

What is the strangest thing you have ever spent money on?

A factory second tv that lasted about 10 minutes. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Do you bother to read the instructions to assemble an item which originally came in 500 pieces?

To begin with no, but when I get frustrated and want to throw whatever it as at the door I usually give in.

What is the body part you first wash in the shower?

Hair with shampoo, and then work down?

What was the first car you bought with your own money?

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