What a mess...

We have a coach with an unaffordable $1milion payout who isnt wanted,& totally knows it.Unless a 3rd party(Warriors??) helps out by signing Sheens,paying him this sort of $$ to leave us is crazy
Whilst still in charge(albeit maybe temprarily)Sheens is cleaning out loyal tigers,some in their prime, & replacing them with guys way past their best-by date.As if he hasnt learnt the folly of signing 30 somethings from past experience,but not Sheens
This strategy will leave an an enormous challenge for whomever replaces him when the time comes.
Amid the turmoil,our best two players Farah & Benji become vulnerable to poachers.
Just a complete & total mess for the short/medium term,& all anchors back to re-signing a long term coach to a 3 yr contract …Mr Humphries,that would be you who are accountable

You are absolutely right… He & the Board signed the ‘albatross’ contract and should be totally accountable for their stuff up…as it stands sheens will be the scapegoat for there lack of foresight and balls

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