Anyone else???

Having a breakdown like me i cant handle this from the club anymore take me back to a few years ago before we had all this crap, i am the biggest tigers fan and flew down to watch them play multiple times this year but now it all seems worthless, i never thought this stuff would happen to the wests tigers i thought it only happened to parra,penrith etc. we are in a far worse mess then both these sides put together and guess what it is going to be all the same next year sadly. Not renewing membership for the first time ever

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Let the club know of your feelings and the reason why your not renewing . Our club is a circus .
I can’t believe all this is happening .

i wont not support the tigers, its a mangement issue. just need to replace them.

And why would it only happen to Parra and Penrith? Can happen to anyone and unfortunately it’s us.

'worse then paara/ penrith" - mate lets not be ridiculous its a bit of early off season controversey and will be a long time b4 our next game , plus as fatty said you dont finish 10th after being premiership favs without changes happening

One of the few times i have agreed with Fatty, about making changes.

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