Link pics....

Your task is to post a pic which has some link or connection to the previous photo. (eg. A photo of a fish may be followed by a photo of a some chips).

Get the drift?

Try and keep em on the small side.

I’ll start the ball rolling:

OK…that is one ugly cat…

I can’t remember how to link a pic. Help please?

*Find your pic

  • R click on it
    *Clik properties.
    *Highlite location - (URL)
    *R click it
    *Click copy
    *Come back here
    *Click image button
    *R paste URL between image tags

Yum, rats n wine. Mmm hmm


Yum, rats n wine. Mmm hmm

Obviously she posted slightly before I did.

You can keep your Captain obvious…I’ll raise you a Wonder Woman…

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