Funny videos

Darth Vader Plays Golf

Palpatine looks for a job.

Evolution of Dance

Youve probably seen it. Has 123million views but I still laugh everytime. Goes for 6mins but well worth watching it all.

They are all pretty good.

Mine are:
Chasers Ford Focus Ad-test

Chasers Foxtel Ad-test

Chasers War Americans opinions on muslims

George Bush gags. How that man was the most powerful in the world, I will never understand.

my friend failed dancing attempt

Hitler as the NSW SOO chairman of selectors

Heaps of chaser vids:

Telstra ad roadtest -

Courtroom exits -

10 years of John Howard -

prank on telemarketer


Mr. Bean goes to the swimming pool

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@Captain Awesome:

Hitler as the NSW SOO chairman of selectors

πŸ˜† that was funny when Hitler came on

and theeen… @ chinese fooooooood

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prank on telemarketer

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Thats classic mate πŸ˜†

This poor bugger runs a psychic energy reading show on an American public access television station and opens the lines to an absolute barrage of prank calls.
His reactions are just as funny as the callers.

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πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† funny funny stuff.

Team Fortress 2 Griefing

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