Players to buy off contract

if these guys dont resign with their clubs will be off contract by end of this season
got some good forwards to replace bell (off contract) and (hopefully) a contract terminated blair
*nigel plum,
*dallas johnson
*feleti mateo

to replace the likes of lote?
*david williams,

what about our halves problem???
*sam william or trent hodkinson

How about another gun centre as our centres are always injured and i believe reddy is off contract
*jamie lyon

it would be awesome wouldnt it?

1. tedesco
2. D williams
3. lyon
4. lawrence
5. Koroibete
6. marshall
7. hodkinson
8. woods
9. farah
10. plum
11. johnson
12. Sironen
13. mateo

15. Buchanan
16. S williams
17. Pettybourne

seriously how good does this side look???

A lightweight backrower and a halfback on the bench.

Is that you Sheensy?

Pat Richards mate,we have plenty of young halves,a good centre would be nice.

@Glen McWilliams:

A lightweight backrower and a halfback on the bench.

Is that you Sheensy?

yes i agree it would be weird having williams on bench but it would be to:
a) be a backup if we have injuries in halves as he can play both 6 & 7and
b) keep our halves competitive. at the moment were got no one really to replace our halves, im talking experienced halves. this would give brooks time and avoid what happened to poor miller.

also which backrower you talkin bout???

dallas johnson is a machine, mateo is awesome at lock and sironen is backrower not a 5/8.

I would be makiing enquiries to canberra about Jack Wighton,they have Ferguson,Croker and young Branko Lee to play centre,he would waltz in to our team,and he is young,keen,big,fast,a great defender and can score a try.

I won’t lie, my first thought was BM96 has created a new account.


dallas johnson is a machine, mateo is awesome at lock and sironen is backrower not a 5/8.

Mateo also re-signed with the Warriors last week.

There’s players out there. Not so many big marquee names. But some astute signings that’ll help us rebuild. We need some mongrel, some props and experienced forwards, a bit of spark in the backs and some depth across the board. Here are a few picks that I think could prove invaluable to the club… whether they give us 1 year or 5. We’re rebuilding and these are some players that could fortify us and make us competitive again.

Mitch Allgood - Can be anything. Shown glimpses. Was very consistent in his first couple of years. Relegated to the bench at Parra. Could be a good foil to Woods. Wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Neville Costigan - always been a fan. Versatile, hard runner, ball skills, tough, strong defender, whole-hearted performer. Can offer some mongrel, dummy half relief if necessary and a competitive nature.

Kevin Naiqama - knights have conceded there’s no room for him at the club. Bennett’s loss could be our gain. An electric ball runner. Good in the air. Excitement machine. Has been pretty consistant when called upon in 1sts over the years. Scoop him up before the panthers do.

Chad Townsend - organising half with a strong kicking game. Not saying he should be our first option at #7, but he’d be terrific for depth.

George Rose - big, bustling, hard running, full of mongrel and cheap shots - but we need a bit of that. Doesn’t play a lot of minutes, but could come on for Woodsy and change things up a bit. Take the punt on a 1 year contract, see if we can squeeze a bit out of him at the end of his career.

Scott Bolton - highly underrated. This guy is a qld origin smokie every year. Strong defender around the ruck, hard runner, big engine. Great off the bench or as a starter. Very professional attitude. Good role model. Very much entrenched in North QLD but an offer to play first grade football would put him and his family on a plane.

Nigel Plum - one tough nut. Was always one of the hardest hitters in the NRL. His running game the past year has finally fallen in line with his defensive skills. Proven he can handle front row, despite being a little light for the role. He’d definitely liven up our backrow.

Anthony Tupou - much maligned yet undeniably talented forward. In the past he’s show he can rampage, break tackles at will and offload - but can also be very complacent and under-perform. He’s been pretty consistent off the bench this year. He’ll be pushed out of the Sharks side this year - he’s got a few more good years in him.

There’s other options out there… Michael Weyman, Geoff Daniela, Andrew Everingham, Roy Asotasi, Matt Prior. Nothing on the Gareth Ellis scale obviously. But we should save a bit of cash for when a player like that does become available.

Nigel Plum
Junior Moors
Cameron Ciraldo

Our backline is great and will get better with experience.

1. James Tedesco
2. Marika Koroibete
3. Pat Richards
4. David Nofoluama
5. Taqele Naiyavaro

6. Braith Anasta
7. Luke Brooks

8. Aaron Woods
9. Robbie Farah
10. Keith Galloway
11. Sauso Sue
12. Nigel Plum
13. Liam Fulton

14. Curtis Sironen
15. Junior Moors
16. Jack Buchanan
17. Cameron Ciraldo

bring back daine laurie

Neville Costigan & Roy Asotasi wouldnt be too bad… I think we would get good service from both of these boys, and neither would be on huge money?

Kenny Bromwich played 80min yesterday in Q-Cup which was a surprise also…

Roy Asotasi and Dallas Johnson would be good pick-ups for us. An experienced prop and a classy lock.

Wouldn’t say no to Plum, Costigan, Rose, Everingham and K. Naiqama. Weyman would be alright too, but a bit injury prone like Galloway.

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