If Nofo Done that to Bunnies

If Nofo can do that to the Rabbitohs can you imagine what he could to to teams like Parra, Broncos, Raiders, Titans etc. 140m, 5 tackle breaks, that run in the 70th minute, the repeat set after his kick, the Try we could of scored if Reddy was onside from Nofo’s kick. He is a future star for sure. I feel more excited by his debut than i felt about Koroibete’s debut.

He’ll be very good. more complete than Koro is or was. Been playing since U6s which is why he is so complete, while koro only started in the U20s i think.

Hopefully Koro keeps improving and we can have TWO extremely damaging wingers within a few years.

Definitely a rare positive on a night of negatives.

He is a better centre than winger. Looks the goods.

2014 back 5

1. Tedesco
2. Koro
3. Lawrance (fingers cross he gets back to where he once was)

4. Nofa
5. Richards

Ashford to Lock or back row and piss off blair

The talent is there but I hope games like last night have a positive rather than negative impact on their development. If results like last night are the price we have to pay for future gains so be it although no NRL team should let in 38 points in a half. Then again a much more highly rated WT side let in 30 points in 15 minutes…

Where does Richards fit ?

I see Koro and Nofo out wingers for next 5 years

Nofo can play centre

his attitude was superb


Nofo can play centre

Yeah, that would work:

1. Tedesco
2. Richards
3. Ayshford/Lawrence
4. Nofoaluma
5. Koroibete
6. Marshall
7. Anasta/Brooks


1. Tedesco
2. Mr T
3. Nofo
4. Richards
5. Koro
6. Marshall
7. Anasta/Brooks

Richards to left centre and Chris Lawrence to GTFO

It was reported this morning that the only positive out of the game from Potter was Nofo’s debut hopefully the coach will stick with him.

Has to leave to make room for Richards. As much as i love Richards… I dont think we should of signed him for next year…

Great purchase pacey? Look at our back line bar the halves. They’ll have like 60-70 games between FIVE players next year. We need experience there and he can fit in well since nofo can play centre (or so i hear).

1. teddy
2. Richards
3. Nofo
4. Simona/Aysh/Lawrence
5. Richards

Centre and bring Mr T through. Pair him with Richards in the centres.

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