Friday Night Broadcasts

  • I was thinking about the two games on Friday nights and wondering why nine don’t show both games live. One on the main channel and one on Gem.

    I know people will claim advertising money but is there any reason why they couldn’t sell ad packages to cover both channels. So a company pays more than currently but gets ads run during the games on each channel.

    Channel nine could still replay the game they view as the lesser game on the main channel and fans who want to watch both games can. Channel nine would still get money for ads during this delayed game.

    Anyone have any insight into this?

  • Banned

    i agree with the idea if showing both games live, the only downside for me is that i live in a regional area and the games get shown on gem anyway and i doubt they would show both here.
    Why cant we have a saturday afternoon game?
    or move one friday night game to saturday night and show that on gem? yes it may clash with the broadcast of foxtel but not every one watches every game, most people just watch the team they support. Surely a live game staurday would generate more ad revenue than a replay at 9.30 on a friday night?

    Same can be said for sunday games…. why cant they be shown live?

  • Not every region has switched off its analogue signal, so there’s no guarantee that for a television which has access to Nine/NBN/WIN it also has access to GEM. Maybe they’ll do this when analogue TV is turned off entirely.

  • Channel 9 is a business. I’m guessing having another game live on GEM at the same time as on the normal channel would make them lose viewers on one channel etc, hence less advertising revenue because less of an audience …

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