Tigers set to hit new low @ Leichhardt

  • Low point: the Tigers are braced for their smallest crowd in nine years on Friday night. Photo: Simon Alekna

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    Friday’s game is the second of four at Leichhardt Oval this season, all of which are night games despite the appeal of Sunday afternoon football at the traditional home of the Tigers.

    After that, the Tigers will play twice at Leichhardt Oval this season. But their hopes of attracting big crowds to the suburban venue are slim given their predicament on the ladder and the fact they play two non-Sydney teams.

    Their next outing at Leichhardt Oval is a Saturday night game against reigning premiers Melbourne in round 16 just three days after game two of the State of Origin series at Suncorp Stadium.

    The last scheduled match at the ground is in round 19 in what is shaping up as a match with no bearing on the top eight, with the Tigers to host the out-of-sorts Warriors on a Friday night.

    But Humphreys said the wet weather forecast and the showdown against an interstate team should not be a factor for the fans.

    ‘‘In recent years, it hasn’t mattered who we’ve played at Leichhardt, we’ve always attracted a strong crowd,’’ he said.

    ''I would dismiss the fact we’re playing against the Cowboys as a factor. It’s a quality team with a lot of internationals. Our factors are more about ourselves than the team we’re playing or the weather.

    ‘‘We’ve had a long losing streak and it’s understandable for people to lose their intense interest, but I hope our members and fans understand that it is in the most challenging of times that the team really needs them. The fact that it could be raining is a chance for them to make an even bolder statement about how much support they have for their team.’’

    Poor ticket sales for Friday’s game won’t help the fans’ push to keep Leichhardt Oval alive, with general manager Grant Mayer taking to Twitter on Wednesday night to express disappointment.

    ‘‘Sad to say that ticket sales for @Wests_Tigers game on Friday are shocking. Great pricing, great talent on show, is it just unhappy fans?’’ Mayer tweeted.

    Mayer’s tweet sparked plenty of reaction on the social media site, with one fan tweeting: ‘‘Honestly, yes. Most fans aren’t happy after the club losing 7in a row. Some still seeing inaction with the selections.’’

    Another fan said: ‘‘Culmination of poor retention, poor recruitment, poor performance and poor scheduling. No Sunday arvo at Leichhardt?’’

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/tigers-set-to-hit-new-low-at-leichhardt-as-fans-stay-away-20130523-2k43m.html#ixzz2U9fh1ZUq

  • I’m still hoping there will be lots of folk holding out to see what the weather does. Dunno if that equates to 12k but who knows.

  • Another day, another kick in the teeth for the club. Clubs go through highs and lows, it’s a cliché really. Right now things are pretty tough for the club but it doesn’t mean we lose interest. What sort of fan does that?? Go support another club if you’re going to fade into the back ground. I know many of us will make it there tonight. Not even expecting a win but hoping for one. It’s part of what we do. We want to be there, especially at Leichhardt Oval. I know this though, this next win’s going to be so sweet given circumstances. If it occurs tonight then I think it’ll be one of the sweeter ones too.

  • I will be attending just hope the thousands that want these suburban grounds attend to…seems all talk no action .When the going gets tough the loud mouths disappear and the club loses 100 of thousands and when the club says things will change NO WAY WE WANT 3 AT LIECHARDT! SOFT :deadhorse:

  • Combination of poor performances, some players dont seem to be putting in, & look outside. After saying that i will be there to-night.

  • We are in a rebuilding phase. That includes the fan base.

    The bandwagons are unhitched and they have rolled on. I saw a group of fans I used to see around the traps in Bulldogs gear at the game a few weeks ago. It is time for the true diehards to show the meaning of the phrase

  • Its a real shame … We will get through the lows eventually.

  • Ridiculous that they use a photo with no crowd. I’m sure we’ll get a few more than zero!

  • I don’t think poor crowds are a reflection on Wests fans specifically, rather rugby league fans in general, or if you want to go a step further supporters of any sporting team. The reality is people aren’t going to come out in droves to support a struggling side, doesn’t mean they don’t still support them, they just aren’t going to waste their energy and money. I know i was filthy spending 35 dollars last week to see that rubbish and if i was considering going tonight that would be a factor for me.- ‘‘Do i really want to waste another 30 bucks on seeing a repeat of last week?’’ Like it or not these the questions people ask, not everyone has a rainbow and lollipop view on their footy team, not thats its a bad thing, its just the way it is.

  • I’ll be there. How about those that weren’t thinking of going get off their ar$e, if for nothing else but to prove the monkeys at SMH wrong.

    Got an email for that stupid YuuZoo thing that I signed up for at some stage with a guy carrying on about how big a fan he was. Something along the lines of:

    Wooo! I’m the world’s biggest Wests Tigers fan. Wooo! Wests Tigers for life. Woooo! I’ll be supporting the boys in my jersey, with my flag, on my lounge. Wooo!

    If you are from interstate, I apologise. If not, get off your ar$e and stop carrying on about how loyal you are.

  • Shall be there…

  • Had prior Arrangements bugger it they can wait my team needs me,see you there……bit of a hike from the Southwest but that’s life …

  • Banned

    Call 2 Arms every tigers fan that can make it tonight please go, our team needs us right now more than any moment in our history what hope do the players have if the fans walk out. They know meaning the board that the fans are not happy. We have 17 players that need to be lifted by the fans backs against the wall lets stand as one an unite and give our team a lift. Yea we don’t like Blair we are angry at Benji but put it aside for one night.
    Rant over rallying cry ahhh lol

  • On a positive note….the sun is popping its head and there is no rain.

  • @simonthetiger:

    On a positive note….the sun is popping its head and there is no rain.

    More positives:

    No long lines waiting for beers and food
    More room on hill and better views of the game
    Wet slippery grass on hill means missus will stay at home

    Cant wait till kick off, bring on the 5k crowd!!

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