Benji on Footy Show

  • Same old questions, same old answers… :dead

  • Banned

    Tauber should advise Benji to stop all CH9 appearances until his footy improves…During the interview it was ironic how Fatty posed the question about Benji being in the media spot light because of who he is and Benji replied he wished he could be less in the media and be in the backround…Well why in the hell did he agree to do the CH9 interview then!!!..Urgggh.

  • So he chooses to appear on the footy show on a regular basis and write a column in the paper every week, yet he wants to be less in the media spotlight. Heres a tip Benji - get your manager to find you third party deals that are NOT in the media. As that meerkat would say “simples”
    Or is it more a case of Benji wanting to be adored and praised by the media but never criticised?

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