First Grade Live Game Thread vs Cowboys *Contains Spoilers*

What the hell do they want Koro to do? It was not even a shoulder charge. Bloody video reffs need to go to Specsavers.

oh garbage, so Marika gets penalised with a shoulder charge???

Cowboys stuff it up out wide.

Nice work from Anasta to get a penalty.

Thats better Tiger
Good line speed Keep working hard keep the pressure up

Blair getting involved, shame he just lost the ball there

And Blair loses the ball.

Nofoaluma habit of breaking tackles looks to have translated well to FG.

Nofo is a mini beast more like a cannon ball, Anasta, Blair and Woods all working well.

Good defensive read from Nofo too.

Cowboys try on the back of a penalty

Cowboys in again dammit.

Sue on, Anasta having a breather.

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