With 10 left on the clock, trailing by 2, i knew tonight was the night we could conjure up something. Tonight reminded me of how great it feels to win, it made it that much more cherishable and precious. IMO i think it was an entire team effort that got us over the line, but our no 6 B Marshall, does deserve a pat on the back, the linebreak with 2 minutes to go and then the pass to get reddy on the outside of the opposite centre, to pass to nofolamou. We shouldnt get carried away, but damn it feels good to win 😃 😃 😃

Feels good aye. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet. Benji is talent but would you risk Moses and Brooks for the 2 years he has left?

Did Nofoaluma get MOM because he deserved it. In fact our maligned young backs were all great. Simona and Koroibete really stood up in defence tonight and Teddy put his body on the line all night long. Nofoaluma looks to have something special about him too. Reddy seems to have found his old form too.

Absolutely drenched…. But I love that winning feeling.

Go the tigers.

You could sense that when we held them out at 20-18 that we could do something when we had the ball at their end. We were due!

Farah got MOM. But Nofoaluma was exceptional tonight, slipped over I think 90% of the time he received the ball but he looked safe and comfortable out there. Good game to be brought into.

Anyone notice Adam Blair put his mouthguard behind his ear after fulltime? Funny little trick

Nofoaluma’s strength is exceptional. He isn’t very tall or even overly huge but gee he is strong.

So proud of the effort put out by the boys it was hard to hold the emotion at the end of the match, That’s what footy is all about,- courage,determination, talent and teamwork. Congratulations to the boys and Mick. Hard work does pay off and we have unearthed and nurtured plenty of great young talent.

Definitely feels great after a win .I thought woodsy was the best forward on the park,and totally outplayed the cows front rowers

at the moment Im not even thinking top 8 just avoid the spoon! but with these young kids its going to be good in 2 or 3 years time they will have lots of experience by then

Was good to walk away with something after sitting through the last few weeks

what makes it even better is we can enjoy the week off too after a win like that, and keep that winning feeling for 2 weeks now!

What a great feeling to get a win again.I know theres still a long way to go but we had to start somewhere and it was a good team effort tonight so lets hope the improvement carries on from here.


what makes it even better is we can enjoy the week off too after a win like that, and keep that winning feeling for 2 weeks now!

As long as the team keeps that hunger in the belly it showed tonight. That is the challenge for Mick and the team.

showed they can grind out a gutsy win in bad weather conditions.

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