Tedesco has Turf Toe too

I heard that for the last 3 weeks Teddy has been playing with Turf Toe….due to our injury crisis he has been needled up every game…whats with our injuries this year!!!

Many players, most actually play with niggling injuries ….Kilo played on with it for quite a while, while benji had to have surgery early it seems…varying degrees of severity I guess

Strong effort from Teddy….it could of been worse though if he had “tennis-ball”.

Yep, that’s just the year we’ve been having.

Teddy is a true fighter, and as much as I like Moltz, I can only imagine he wouldn’t have played with turf toe, yet Teddy still puts his body on the line every time.

He’s moving alright for someone that has it. Tough bugger from what I’ve seen so far.

That would explain the fitness test I saw him doing at Kiama last week. I thought it was an ankle injury.

hope he’s recovering from it, not aggravating it by playing excessively. Otherwise we’ll be further in the s**ts if he’s out for 5 weeks or something.

I imagine his other concern is he doesn’t want to be classed as injury prone

Doesn’t help at contract time

Teddy is a tough bugger ,he’ll battle on and probably get surgery at the end of the season unless it gets worse

Maybe we should call Teddy our Italian Stallion

I’m assuming there are different levels of the injury then?? His attack has definitely been a little down in the past few weeks but due to the team struggling it probably hasn’t stood out so much.

Hope this doesn’t mean he’ll miss 4-5 tackles/game for the next 10 years.

I bet you he caught the turf toe off Benji Marshall. Supposedly it is an airbourne virus that is pretty easily passed on. Will somebody please place Robbie and Woodsy in a bubble to protect them.

Confirmed or just rumor ???

Teddy, he is a future leader. He wil lead the West tigers in the future. His game can only improve with experience. I like the way he attacks the line, a typical full back in Slater’s mould.

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