Is Wood's a chance?

Gidley has been ruled out, injured.

Wood’s on the bench? Or another utility?

he better be…if that line up walked out against the Maroons the only we we’d win the series is cause we have 2 home games.

With a direct gidley for woods swap, we stand a chance of winning 2-0.

Woods has a wider array of attacking skills than grant, defensively both very sound. I’d hope Daley would pick woods, higher workrate

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Yeh his a masssive chance hope he makes it and play with the best hooker in the world.

They should go Tim Grant he has experience.
Woods time will come….next year when were up a series

I would have picked Woods in my 13 let alone 18 but who knows what these selectors will do. I am hearing Josh Reynolds.

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They should go Tim Grant he has experience.
Woods time will come….next year when were up a series

agreed. I think woods would also be stuck behind glenn stewart

edit: actually i think i read somewhere that stewart ruled himself out through injury?

Gallen said he wants Gidley to be replaced with a prop. If I was Loz I’d listen to him.

Even Todd Carney is in the mix to get the spot.

I’d have Woods in there, but they’ll probably take Tim Grant.

Woods will be a chance however I think the biggest restriction would be his knee, he has hardly trained all year and still hardly training which can be done at club level but prob not in the lead up to his first origin

I think Grants will get the nod over Wood’s, but his time will come.

The fact he was overlooked to begin with is a complete and utter disgrace. Gallen back to lock, Lewis off the bench, Woods to to take his rightful place in the engine room!

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inside word is that Boyd Cordner and Tariq sims are the two front runners close followed by grant, carney and woods. heard it first from me !!

i would have grant starting, gallen to lock and lewis on the bench.

the fact that they dont pick a utility to replace another utility shows that gidley is there on reputation only. just coz you have a player who can COVER all positions doesnt mean he MUST be there. idiotic theory