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A little outside the box thinking here, but could someone see Aaron Woods doing the job James Graham is doing for the Dogs ATM? Coming off the bench at around 20 minutes and playing a role of an anchor.

Obviously, just like everyone I have my doubts whether Benji, Curtis and Farah can give directions to the forwards as Farah is made to do most of the kicking whereas Curtis mainly plays more of an attacking backrower role in the team.

Personally, I do think Woods has the right mindset and the brains to pull this off, it may take a while, but he can do it. The only loss we can get from this really is that it may rob us of the stability he has provided at the front from the start.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this? Big No, bad idea or worth thinking over?

With our shortage of decent, experienced props at the moment, I still prefer Woods to be starting, but I see your point, Tig. If we could buy a prop like Weyman, Kennedy or Hannant to start for us next year, then yes, I think a fresh Woods coming from the bench would work extremely well.

How would Woods cope with being dropped to the bench though? I wouldn’t like it if I was him.

only reason that graham can pull it off is because they have kasiano and pritchard to start. If we had galloway it could work. Galloway/Blair or maybe Groat or something to start with Woods to come off the bench could work. But right now, big no.

Once we have a couple of big experienced props things will start looking up for WT. Why isn’t WT taking any steps in that direction? Run out of money?

Of course he could, he is a very smart player who could adapt to pretty much any role in the forwards that we ask of him.

But unless we sign Tamou/Scott anytime soon, benching Woods purely to turn him into an impact player won’t really happen.

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