Final score v Panthers

  • wests-tigers 25
    panthers 18

    half time panthers 14- wests-tigers 12
    MOM Adam Blair, yes that’s right.

  • PMSL

    26 - 20 WTs

  • i’ve been hopeful for almost every game this season (incl. souths, yes i know i’m an idiot) but i think we’re gonna lose this one. Maybe I’m just really tired and not thinking as optimistically as normal but with teddy, aysh, fulton and bodene out i can’t see us jagging a win at centrebet against a good team. it’s gonna screw up all sense of cohesion bringing up EVEN more players. Thought we could get on a nice roll with the bye and having the same back line for a couple weeks before the bye but nope….

  • Too many injuries to be competitive.

    Panthers 30
    Tigers 10

    What a disappointing, frustrating season so far!

  • I drop my guard for one second! ONE second!


    Not in the mood for doing the frilly thing.

    Lets say tigers 32-20 with it being 22-20 and hearts in mouths with 10 minutes to go.

  • Banned


    wests-tigers 25
    panthers 18

    half time panthers 14- wests-tigers 12
    MOM Adam Blair, yes that’s right.

    Yes agree with that score. This is the week! 😃

    Don’t agree with your MOM though 😉

  • 28-16 Tigers

  • Tigers 45
    Panthers 44

  • Penrith 36-20

  • Penrith by plenty, they are in good form and been matching it with the top sides, we were blessed last start by the ref in the box and before that we were terrible. Penrith Park, a form team against a out of form team riddled with injuries all adds up to a thumping at the foot of the mountains

  • 32-8 sadly. A belting on its way.

    I also can’t help but think Farah is carrying an injury. Reynolds was thrown into the side based on talk around Farah being able to play 80minutes (plus to cover gidley, also who’ll play hooker). We all know he can play 80 minutes. So why the ifs. Also, he seemed to be hobbling like a 90year old man in the sheds after the game last night. If he’s out, we will struggle. I cant see a win. sorry lads.

  • Farah is definitely out of the panthers game. Broken nose and cheek bone.
    Sorry guys

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  • Missing Moylan and Grant should even the playing field A LOT. So I’m going to go with a Penrith 22 - Wests Tigers 25
    Benji to fire and get us over the line with goal kicking being the difference.
    Tries to BMM, Koro, Simona, Sironen. Field goal to Benji in last 4 mins. Blair and BMM to have great games running 100m+

  • 38-24 Tigers

  • Heavily in their favour

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