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  • Wests Tigers need something - urgently. We hear the Tigers recruitment has targeted two senior players for 2014 - Manly’s George Rose and Canterbury’s Dene Halatau. Rose is desperate to remain at Brookvale but it seems the Sea Eagles are reluctant to re-sign the enigmatic prop. Halatau is a former Tiger who club officials didn’t want to lose in the first place.


  • no thanks

  • Mate, this has been done to death…doesnt need a new thread

  • Pass on both.

  • Come on, how bad are Wests Tigers going? All due respect to Dene Halatau he has been throughout his career a very honest player but George Rose?

  • What the hell would Halatau offer us,we have enough small backrowers.

  • Not interested in either player.

  • Rose has some potential if (and it is a big if) he’s physically and mentally sound. Halatau seems to me to be the same type of player he was when he left. Good when good but when you ask yourself if he’d improve the side you’ve got to say no…

  • It would be about the style of our recruitment team lol team

  • as gus says NO, NO ,NO AND NO.

  • Will be a huge step backwards.

    Potter needs to think carefully about his recruitment for next year. If he buys a round of nuffies like years passed he’ll cop plenty of criticism like Sheens did

  • please NOooooo Nooooooooooooooooo

  • Seems to be gaining momentum now this rumor. I know im in the minority but i don’t mind these potential signings. They aren’t the best we could have done and i still think our recruitment department should be sacked, but these two guys i could handle.

    George Rose - Has proven at his best he can be a wrecking ball. Maybe a change of scenery would be good for him. Not to the extent it was for Fifita, but rejuvenation could be a real possibility.

    Dene Halatau - I will preface it by saying i absolutely love this guy to death so im bias. My favourite player in 05, particularly the final series, the man would have run through a brick wall had you put it in front of him. Now before you all come back and say ‘‘that was 8 yrs ago’’, it was and im just reminiscing. At this late stage, i don’t know of too many better players left on the market.

  • Dene was awesome in the '05 finals series i agree. i think the only thing he can bring to the side these days though is the presence of his missus in the stands! - could give people something to look at if next year goes like this year has so far…

  • Would rather see Ben Galea back in Wests Tigers colours then Halatau

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