Congrats to the blues

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    I was really hoping they manned up and had a go and they certainly did. Over the years it has been them being pussies that has aided us in winning so many series straight. Tonight they were very strong and stood up for each other…Bravo to them!

    That being said, they werent brilliant and their ball handling was unsatisfactory. Luckily for them the Maroons were way, way off their game. Things will be different come game 2 and thanks to the blues win tonight, we will need a decider and as a massive origin fan I couldnt be happier with that.

    Good on that filthy druggo Gallen as well for igniting this series. Some good punches thrown and landed there…cant wait for the payback in Brissie…

    All in all, well done to the blues, you provided some relief and escapism for the hordes of supporters there tonight and allowed them to smile for once in their drab lives 😲


  • NSW were by far the better team,if they didn’t have the droppsies they would have won by a cricket score.

    Great game from Robbie,did us proud,and thank Buddah Gallen smashed that niggling grub Myles,

    Stoked on all counts,carn the blues.

  • I sort of agree Stryker… We had the wrong balance and played players with injuries.

    Bring on Game 2!

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    NSW were by far the better team,if they didn’t have the droppsies they would have won by a cricket score.

    Great game from Robbie,did us proud,and thank Buddah Gallen smashed that niggling grub Myles,

    Stoked on all counts,carn the blues.

    Yeah they were by far the better side and as I said in another thread, I hoped the best side won on ability and not controversy. We got that with the blues tonight.

    That being said, they should have put 30 past us and didnt. The true skillful play of the game was Queenslands try for Boyd. Hayne and Jennings scored brilliant individual tries but I am not set on your backline in attack at all. You will have to be a lot better to win the series.

    Queensland have some work to do though as well. They were ordinary tonight and did well to hang in there when they were never really in the contest.

    As for Gallen….I said he landed some good shots, not that they were effective. If that was a smashing then I’ll stand rooting.

  • So many excuses……queensland were off tonight because nsw didn’t let them into the game, simple as that. Don’t make excuses about injuries and being “off” when new south wales were by far and away the better team. Smith bombed a try and let in jennings try, he played an absolute shocker. Slater did nothing like he has for the majority of the year. Cronk choked for the 3rd or 4th time this year and thurston was nowhere to be seen. If it wasn’t for inglis and hodges, queensland wouldn’t have scored a point. The better team deservedly won.

  • yes agree with blake… the nsw forwards choked the crap out of the qld’s spine.
    cronk- apart from the field goal, i’ve always thought he isn’t half as good as people make him out to be. DCE deserves a spot there.
    everytime thurston touched the ball, lewis/bird/gallen got onto him very quickly.

    slater hasn’t been in form for a while now. the whole team was too slow. when the young faces gillet and mcqueen came off the bench, you could see the qld of old. they smashed any blue player that moved. parker’s offload were deadset killing the blues.

    thought robbie made a couple of mistakes today. two of his kicks hit the opposite player. however, that kick after halftime was an absolute cracker. 50 tackles today, with only one missed.

    LOl @ reynolds. laurie took a page out of sheens’ playbook. pick a back on the bench and dont play him for the 80 😆

  • Queensland were poor but they were poor for the most part last year too. Apart from their try and a few minutes afterwards, Qld looked out of rhythm, slow and unorganized. The Blues pack was too mobile and asked too many questions which Qld struggled to answer.

    Bird and Gallen were awesome. No poor Blues players.

    Qld were just ordinary overall. Couldn’t match the passion or energy NSW showed.

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  • The first half by Qld was easily their worst in ten years

    Obviously Thurston was not 100% , he looked like Benji Marshall last night ,his kicking game along with Cronks was shocking

    Too often we had forwards getting stuck in the backline which caused it too look disjointed

    As I said pre match the side looks unbalanced and Shillington went missing

    Changes probably two I would imagine ,Hannant to come in and hoping Josh McGuire comes into the side ,we need go forward with speed and mobility

    Not panicing at this stage ,I thought we would lose Game 1 , we will win back at the Cauldron in Game 2 and thats when the big match experience will click into gear Game 3

  • NSW turned up to play.
    QLD turned up because they were selected. The worst performance I have seen from this generation of QLD players.

  • The Blues forwards won the battle ……quite easily to be honest and that laid the platform for our win. What it proved once again is you just cant win unless your forwards aim up. The backs might get the tries and accolades but winning is done in the engine room.

  • QLD will bounce back from this one.

  • Qld are like the NSW a few years back - they won’t blood new players for the future because of loyalty. That’s what ultimately killed NSW and led to the debacle of the last seven years (Qld also having some very brilliant players helped too).

    I hope Qld remains loyal to their pensioners.

  • Queensland will make the right changes. They addressed what they could at halftime, and will make 1-2 changes for Game 2.

    Will NSW make changes though? Gallen was ineffective at Prop so I’d suggest he should go to the Backrow. And then there is a big question mark over thier Halves. With that much go-forward through the middle, they failed to create too much. Qld halted NSW momentum in the second half and they couldnt score points?

    Do NSW go to Lang Park to attempt to beat Queensland, or do they turn up to play game 2???

  • Really boring game with barely a memorable moment.

    When does club football start in earnest again?

    SOO should be one match only. No need for 3 matches.

  • Robbie farah is out for god knows how long after the game last night.
    Broken nose and cheek bone

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