Is Robbie out?

Saw on facebook some people saying Robbie out for a few weeks with a broken cheekbone, but haven’t seen anything anywhere else…?

Yeah, have just seen this myself. Saw a couple of photos too. His face was pretty swollen and bruised. Not good at all. Looks like it’s Iosefa for the weekend dammit!

Yeah it doesn’t look good. Robbie broke his nose and fractured his cheek bone. Fingers crossed he can somehow get back for the Broncos game but I doubt it!

Just heard on 2GB he has a bruised Face, but i guess this could be wrong.

NSW hooker Robbie Farah is in doubt for game two of the Origin series after suffering a suspected facial fracture in the first half of last night’s victory against Queensland.

The Tigers skipper will on Thursday afternoon find out the extent of the injury but is in severe doubt for the Wests Tigers’ game with Penrith on Sunday afternoon, and could possibly miss game two at Suncorp Stadium.

Farah played the second half with what could be a fractured eye-socket, and was nursing a black eye when he left the team hotel in Homebush on Thursday morning.

The NSW No.9 insists he’s unsure how the injury occurred but believes it could have been a case of friendly fire from teammate and skipper Paul Gallen.

Advertisement “I’m not sure how it happened, it might’ve been in the first half and I think it was actually Gal, who is taking out his own players as well,” Farah said.

"It was in a tackle and I got a bit dazed. I’m not sure if it was Gal’s hip or … It was just one of those things.

“It wasn’t a big night for myself. I spent the night icing up trying to get right for this week. I have to go for a scan on the face and see the damage. It’s not feeling the best at the moment but it’s always better after a win.”

Blues coach Laurie Daley conceded there was some concern over the fitness of his hooker leading into second game of the series.

Daley praised the 29-year-old for pushing through the pain barrier to help NSW to victory, despite having a capable replacement in Josh Reynolds sitting on the bench.

“It’s obviously not great,” Daley said of Farah’s injury.

"We’ll see how he pulls up over the next couple of days. I thought he was tremendous last night and showed good leadership.

“He did [the injury] early but he stayed out there. Again, that’s Origin. You have to dig in, protect your mate, stick up for one another and battle through the tough times. Robbie certainly did that and displayed good leadership qualities.”

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To think that some punters were saying last year that he is not tough enough for origin!

Let’s hope its just some bruising and nothing broken!

We won’t win a game without him 😦

@Balmain Boy:

Let’s hope its just some bruising and nothing broken!

We won’t win a game without him 😦

Yessss….fingers crossed.

Just give us the spoon now. Dead set our side this week without Farah wouldn’t beat half the teams in the state cup. Feel sorry for them.

I feel sorry for them too……worst injury toll ever and we have had some big ones in the past.

06 was awful,but this is unbelievable…the hits just keep coming,off the field,rep games,let alone actual games.

Deary me.

Give us a break!!! (not literally)

If its a broken eye socket he could be out for upto 6 weeks.

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It’s confirmed to be a fractured cheekbone and a broken nose. Not the eye socket.

when is our injury curse going to stop for this year?

robbies nose will be the size of a ford falcon by the time he retires, he’s busted it that much.

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