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  • So, we have the “premiere” game on TV, watched by seemingly millions of people, with the best players on show to play at the top level of the game and thus set the highest standard of performance and some think a punch up is OK? And the player involved doesn’t even get 10m in the bin? Takk about double standards…And before anyone starts to talk about players wearing skirts…I believe there was an all in brawl at the end of the U16’s match, so obviously RL in well on its way in setting a different standard for origin, where punch ups are part and parcel of the game…

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    One-on-one and its fine in my books

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  • Did Myles even throw a punch?

  • @Juro:

    Did Myles even throw a punch?

    With a head like his why would he need to?

  • I dunno when it’s at the highest level, filmed and heavily policed, and for the general public, I think it becomes more acceptable.

    There’s a major difference between punching a guy in Origin versus punching a dude you don’t know in the face at Heffron Park in D grade on a Sunday morning.

    Same as in ice hockey in North America, where fights are allowed for a very short period then both players are benched.

    Because this isn’t just people getting over-aggressive with dangerous consequences, these are highly scrutinised professionals in a high-stress situation. And when another dude shapes up like he’s going to hit you, sometimes you gotta hit him first.

  • But see what I don’t get is this hypocricy about “The game is on too late for the kids” OR “we need to foster junior leagues” with the approval of behaviour which (I am hoping) one avoids to teach kids… I understand the need for self defence but in these days and age, I stil reckon walking away is the best policy, no matter where and who you are…But that’s just me.

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    Disagree tiger heart. It was one on one, no cheap Ennis type shots, they are big tough men, no one was hurt and it is more controlled than a swinging arm in a tackle which does far more damage and still happens in every game, in every weekend.

  • Yeah, no dramas with two blokes going toe-to-toe, just don’t like the Jennings 20m sprinting haymaker and third-man Thaiday efforts that seem to happen.

    The fights seem to be diffused rather quickly anyway and you’re lucky to see more than a couple of punches before the blokes are pulled away from each other.

  • Greatest example of leadership i have seen from a NSW captain for years. As has been said, it was one on one. Its a contact sport and things get heated.

  • It’s a contact sport. I’d rather see two blokes punching on, then shake hands at the end than some grub piss his pants mid field as we witnessed this weekend. Gallen punched out of turn though.

  • Dont think Myles landed one, looked like 4 Gallens to the Myle.

  • @tigerbenji:

    Dont think Myles landed one, looked like 4 Gallens to the Myle.

    😆 😆 😆

  • 2 blokes lettin off some steam. Nothing wrong with it. It will be used to promote game 2.

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  • @Juro:

    Did Myles even throw a punch?

    Why would he bother - Gallen obviously throws cream puff punches - looked like Myles would have been more annoyed by a mosquito bite.

  • I kind of a agree with the original post.

    The game is tough enough without having the punch ups to prove it. I dislike grubby tactics and was hypocritically glad that Gallen put one on his chin as myles does all the stuff i hate.

    I played in an era when punch ups were phased out, initally they were pretty common,by the end pretty rare, when I played I saw it as part of the game, and you kind of sign up for it when you play. Now Im a bit older and more mature, I kid of see it like the original post, do we really want this to be part of our game and advertise to kids this is alright, prob not.

    so i guess contradicting myself, as much as ive enjoyed the punch ups in orgin over the year, i think it is time to flick them. (i’m a hypocrite I know)

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