Choose: Ayshford or Lawrence to the forwards?

  • I have a feeling the forwards is going to be the destination for one of these guys sooner rather than later, the question is which one? There’s going to be plenty of competition for spots next yr with Saint Patty back on board and the sudden emergence of Nofoaluma, there won’t be room for everybody, somebody will have to make way, provided we have no injuries.

    The question is who would it be? im discounting Utai and Lote cos they won’t be around, but despite that it will be interesting to see where the cards fall. I don’t believe Richards has been bought for depth, i believe he will be in the side come round 1. Nofoaluma, should he show strong form towards the end of the yr will put in a strong showing, and Koroibete, despite struggling at times this yr i think will still be in our top side.

    This leaves Aysford and Lawrence. People talk about Nofoaluma’s future being in the centres, and with Richards on his way back to take a wing spot could make that all the more likely in the near future depending on form. Or you could switch them around and have Richards in the centres and Nofoaluma on the wing.

    Getting to my point, should all the players above warrant selection in round 1 next yr, i believe one of these 2 guys will have to shift into the forwards. My preference would be Lawrence. Its quite clear due to the nature of his injury that he can’t be the player he use to be. He’s dying for something different and a chance to re-invent himself, so my preference would be him. He could bulk up in the summer and i don’t see why he can’t be a success.

    I hate being one of those people who names fantasy line-ups, but on this occasion its essential. Maybe we could see something like this in 2014

    1. Tedesco
    2. Nofoaluma/Richards
    3. Richards/Nofoaluma
    4. Aysford
    5. Korobiete
    13/14. Lawrence

    I know people will complain and won’t want to see either of them move but i have a feeling this is where its headed, cos the way it stands atm, there won’t be a spot for everyone, and considering Rowdy is probably the most likely candidate, he has a mortgage on his spot in the 17, and if its not in the centres Potter will find another spot for him.

    Whose your pic?

  • no opinion yet… it depends a lot on their defensive. lawrence hits hard but his defensive reads of late have been terrible.

    also, depends on if reddy is re-signed. i think we may ask ayshford to have a looksie somewhere else for 2014

  • Can’t believe i forgot about Reddy. He deserves a new contract and that would throw another spanner in the works. Come to think of it Reddy might very well be the sacrificial lamb and may be moved on to accommodate the others. I hope not though.

  • How many small forwards do we need???

  • Banned

    Niether. Rowdy is toast, Aysh can come back but is on thin ice.

    We have proper backrowers coming through and moving backs to the pack when the talent is there is ludicrous.

  • both are on long term contracts afaik

  • It’s a touchy one but regardless I think the competition for spots is absolutely healthy for the team.No one should be complacent and expect there spots.I think the Tigers of late have suffered a massive attitude rather than ability problem this should help sought that out.To answer your question Ayshford a more likely forward than Rowdy

  • while it may take some getting used to in terms of fitness, Rowdy on the left edge for mine. I still believe his front on defensive technique is excellent, although he is not making the best decisions in the centres at the moment. Perhaps he is trying to over compensate due to his loss of lateral speed and rushing up in the line. Playing him closer to the ruck may fix that.

    If he isn’t 100KG he’d be close to it, while not being as quick as he was he certainly is a powerful runner of the ball and is still damaging close to the line. I would hope he could develop into a Luke Lewis type player. Hard running, hard tackling player who can offload as well as put on a play (like Lewis did with Hayne in Origin 1).

  • @stryker:

    Niether. Rowdy is toast, Aysh can come back but is on thin ice.

    We have proper backrowers coming through and moving backs to the pack when the talent is there is ludicrous.

    Agree. Lawrence has bulked up too much already and would probably be on par with Galloway for lateral movement. Bulk him up more and he’ll just end up becoming a slug with chronic hamstring problems who spends all his time on the sideline.

    Ayshford has that tall, lanky build and has a habit of poking his head through the line on most occasions, but we’ve got plenty of decent backrowers coming through the grades and unless we’re going to release Blair, Pettybourne or Thompson (and none of them have shown much), I wouldn’t be moving Ayshford into the forwards.

  • Banned

    It doesnt matter that Lawrence would be a smallish backrower because he’s hard. He hits better than anyone else at the club abd his leg speed in attack means he will be a dangerous edge backrower. We need him there now.

    I see no reason why Lawrence cant rival the likes of Watmough, Wade Graham and Luke Lewis as a backrower.

    Ayshford no for me….he would do ok but he lacks the power Lawrence would privide.

  • If SImona and Koro perform the way they did against the Cowboys well then neither will be in the centers. Richards will just slot in for Reddy then done.

  • @stryker:

    Niether. Rowdy is toast, Aysh can come back but is on thin ice.

    We have proper backrowers coming through and moving backs to the pack when the talent is there is ludicrous.


  • Form in temporary!

  • Unless Pettybourne shows something very soon I believe he will probably go, Combined with his leadership skills Lawrence does have a very good work ethic. so why not try him in forwards in the coming weeks?

  • Lawrence should drive down to Parra as there are a few positions opening up there.Even with a long term contract Lawrence’s time at the Tigers is limited, move to forwards forget it are there more hamstring problems coming probable ! The inevitable is getting closer , Ayshford to slow just a first grader time to stop the sugar coating if we want to Win another premiership steps have to be taken purchase players that will achieve this !

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