Your prediction

  • How will Benji going to go against Penriff:

    1. Will have a blinder with Robbie out he’ll step up, MOM award
    2. The odd flash of brilliance, but more of the same, will split opinions on the WT Forum
    3. Poor, flames on Forum, Potter’s judgement will be questioned

    I predict 2.

  • between 1 and 2. Not quite MoM, but good game i think.

    Either that or 3, tries to hard with robbie gone and anasta gone and he and the tigers will crash and burn.

    Hoping my 2nd prediction is very wrong.

  • Depends if he tries to play hero…. if he does he will kill us… he needs to keep in line with last week, know his role and not overcall to Iosefa, and if Iosefa goes his way all game off his own back then Marshall needs to grow a set and tell him how he should be playing. We dont need a general out of him, we need the guy with enough weight to make sure we dont get too far from the game plan.

  • Depends on how good or bad Panthers play???

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