Farlow is poised to fulfil a dream

  • Rookie Wests Tigers player Jared Farlow is poised to fulfil a dream

    James Phelps
    The Sunday Telegraph
    June 09, 2013 12:00AM

    Wests Tigers rookies (L to R) Jack Buchanan, Jarred Farlow, Shaun Spence, Sauaso Sue and David Nofoaluma. Picture: Ruttyn Sam

    WITH 19 NRL games between them, these are the Tigers cubs hoping to lift the club from the premiership floor.

    Many claim their season is already over, with injury and poor form making it mission impossible to make the finals.

    But try telling these five players Wests’ season means nothing. Heading the no-names is Jarred Farlow, a 26-year-old back-rower who spent the week training with the Tigers and fitting smoke alarms. Jack Buchanan (11 NRL games), Sauaso Sue (6), and David Nofoaluma (2), will join Farlow today against Penrith. Another rookie, Shaun Spence, has also been given his opportunity this season.

    Farlow had just finished a 10-hour day working as an electrician when coach Mick Potter called to tell him the dream he refused to give up on was set to come true.

    “I was actually carting cables through a roof all day on Monday,” Farlow said.

    “I had done a full day when he called me and I was stoked. Playing in the NRL has got to be better than carting cables.”

    Farlow considered quitting rugby league as he toiled away in reserve grade, mixing football with a full-time job. But he stuck it out and his reward will come today.
    Wests Tigers Rookies

    “It has been hard,” Farlow said. "Rocking up to training at 4pm after an exhausting day of work isn’t easy. But my reserve-grade coach has been pretty understanding. I must admit, I am buggered by the time I get home.

    “I started here so it is great to finally make my debut here. I have thought about giving it away, but I am still here and this is what I have been doing it for. The opportunity has come up and I can wait for it.”

    Farlow spent yesterday fitting smoke alarms. But he is hoping to make the most of his late break into first grade.

    “I work for myself, subcontracting, so I get to call the shots myself a bit,” Farlow said. "But I will have to do a couple of smokey (smoke alarm) tests before the game.

    “I need to keep it all pretty normal and keep my mind off the match as much as possible.”

    Potter admitted this group of youngsters - and one seasoned reserve grader - would not have got their chance had it not been for the injury crisis engulfing the club.

    Still, he is hoping they can make the most of the call-up.

    “It is much easier calling blokes up than telling them they are going (to reserve grade),” Potter said. "On the bright side, these guys are getting a start they might not have had. Someone like Jarred has been around for years and he has stuck at it when others have quit. It is a credit to his resilience and effort.

    "He is someone that loves the sport. It is hard on the body and you put your job at risk with the threat of injury.

    “He wanted to fulfil his dream and with a bit of luck and a lot of commitment, he will do that on Sunday.”


  • good luck I hope all boys have a great game today

  • Good luck to the bloke, I hope he makes a fist of it.

  • geeee he was GOOOODD !!!.. dont think he missed a tackle and he took the line on really well with footwork and strength.

    when keith and fulton come back… im afraid pettybourne will have to make way

  • These youngsters are going for the throat.

  • Was impressed with Farlow, hope he gets another game and more time to show what he can really do. We didn’t look daunted, I guess that the difference of playing 20’s to Reggies. Great game, not a massive one, but did weel in the time he had. Keep it up.

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