*Live game thread* SPOILERS

Excellent strength, short side run and barge over.

yep very good try indeed from him, nice and confident

6-4 kick missed

hybrid, dave …. check your pms if feeds die

soft defence up the middle and the Panthers score.

How is Gould allowed to commentate this game? Conflict of inetrest much?

Iosefa missed that tackle, straight through him…

Thought things had steadied there for a bit, but we gave the Panthers an extra set of six playing at the ball.

Gus rabbiting on about how good we are if the game opens up……completely different side to the one that was good at that.


Iosefa missed that tackle, straight through him…

not sure why they keep giving him chances, surely there are other options?

Panthers with most of the good field position so far


Iosefa missed that tackle, straight through him…

Woods was the problem… He should never of come out of his line.

I wish someone would run off Woods, he has an arm free everytime but there’s no support.

damn damn Koro injured, possible dislocated arm……and yeah that looked bad

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