*Live game thread* SPOILERS



Nofoaluma is a wonderful player.

He’s much better than Koroibete, isn’t he?

more complete, he’s played footy since he was a toddler while koro’s only been there since around 18, 19 in toyota cup.

They both great in their own right, we just need some go forward so we’re not continually using koro as a prop. Put him in space!! we did it last year, not so much this season.

Yeah, I agree with that appraisal phyr3. Our back 3 are being required to do far too much work rucking the ball up - thus the injury to Korobete.

Harsh on Marshall saying that was a bad pass. He had to loop it up to get it over the Penrith defense. Definitely took a good catch from Nofoaluma, but I don’t think Marshall had the option of throwing a low trajectory pass…

How’s Blair going? Apparently only 1 hit up the entire half

Its too bad we cannot get Richards to come running immediately, solves our kicking and covering for Koro in one foul swoop.


How’s Blair going? Apparently only 1 hit up the entire half

barely noticed him actually

I think Meaney had a pretty good first half, now all he need to do is kick a 40 - 20 and be sent back to reserves

Geeze Woods is darn good


How’s Blair going? Apparently only 1 hit up the entire half

3 runs for 21 metres.

Woods leading the way with 6 runs for 69 metres.

Simona next best with 52m from 7 runs.

Nofo injured……

yep we’re cursed, looks like he’s staying on though

Panthers knock on, good defence

poor kick from Benji and then a bit of a high tackle from Woods

Geez, some good acting there!

Another dreadful kick by Marshall. God he is ordinary.

nice take from Reddy

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