*Live game thread* SPOILERS

Koroibete has just dislocated his elbow.

that sucks, lets hope its a good dislocation and he hasnt done major damage… was a beast of a palm as well.

27th injured player apparently from NRL, NYC and NSW Cup……long term injury

how long is a dislocated elbow?

Who is on the wing now?

Good defence on the line

Boy, these injuries……Robbie looks like a raccoon, currently getting interviewed by Joey.

Amazing to be at this score the amount of possession they’ve had and how easily their forwards are running through

Panthers knock on on their 35

Not too sure who’s on the wing now Milky

Simona to Wing and Thompson to Centre?

Panthers score off a kick. Simona on the wing

Marshall throwing the ball at his wingers bootlaces, where have I seen that before?

Simona wing Anasta center cheers guys. they have had 61 percent of possession so far…

Panthers too good at the moment. Too much posession (as usual)

That wasn’t Marshall’s fault, Nofoaluma was far far too deep.


how long is a dislocated elbow?

Around 3 weeks in a cast (depending on damage and if surgery is needed) plus recovery and physio. I’d say minimum 2-3 months.

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