• Wasnt a big fan of his signing,but hes been an absolute rock & offers the sort of reliability every 1st grade team needs
    Won me over,& hope he stays with us

  • Mate he’s similar to a Mitch brown.
    Never a superstar,
    Always solid!

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  • @phil1986:

    Mate he’s similar to a Mitch brown.
    Never a superstar,
    Always solid!

    Ditto. I don’t know why we let Mitch go, but agree, overall he won’t win a game for us but he won’t lose it either.

  • Banned

    He did drop a ball cold but his mistake rate is low. I rate him based on that. You don’t need a hundred killers in your team. You need some safe players and Reddy is one.

  • he is really good at putting his wingers away- better than most. he wont bust a tackle but he will attract two and offload for sure. unfortunately, simona or aysh or rowdy cant play wing so reddy will be the winger.

  • Reddy gets a little bit of criticism for not having much in attack, but I see it as picking his moments properly. Rather than constantly trying to throw a miracle ball or put his winger in an impossible position, 99% of the time it’s better to just go to ground, especially if it’s only mid-set.

    We’ve scored plenty of tries down the right side of the field the last few weeks, and although it may not be the flashy style we’re used to, they’re coming and that’s the main thing.

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    Love having Reddy in the team. Personally, I’d rather he and Simona stay as our centre pairing for the rest of the season.

  • An absolute gem to have in the team in 2013 with all the injuries.
    Very consistent player with correct work ethic. Great team fit.

  • Banned

    Yep Reddy has won me over this year with his play….solid, reliable, low mistake rate…deserves his spot in FG

  • Banned

    should be there the rest of the year IMO

  • Reddy has always been a solid defensive centre. I always rated him highly when he was at the Eels. He is also very safe under the high ball as well - him and Tedesco are about the only players I don’t cringe at when they’re trying to take a bomb. Good to hear he is also being a mentor off the field for the younger backs with the injury crisis we’re in.

  • Great depth player.

    Not enough pace for a walk up first choice start though for mine

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