• Gota out my hand up and say I was wrong with this one. Although he was impressive in the NYC last year, particularly in the grand final, I thought he just didn’t have it. Not through a lack of attitude or determination, but simply size and I just didn’t think he was good enough.

    I couldn’t be happier to have been proved wrong, of all the young forwards we’ve debuted this year he has been the most impressive IMO. Has regularly our performed his higher profile team mates and generally been one of our best.

    He will no doubt be in our full time squad for 2014 so will get a full off season and put on some size. As impressive as he has been at prop I think he could be a starting second rower next year. We will have Galloway, woods and taupau as the main 3 props and the 2 back row spots will be wide open. He is fast, has good footwork and a great offload, can see him causing some havoc out wide if we get some go forward.

    Keep it up son, your doing good.

  • Definitely has the makings of a very good backrower. He’s a very lean gainer, I remember Payten saying this during pre-season. Sue struggled to put weight on as he has very low bodyfat levels naturally, whereas guys like BMM and Seumanufagai had to lose a few kilos.

  • I like what i see in him.
    The right attitude, the desire to go forward and the hard work of chasing and making tackles even when tired.
    Cant ask for much more, if you ask me; he deserves his spot in the team every game.

  • He’s been our most impressive debutant, IMO. He is very aggressive for his size.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more fergiefurr. What he lacks in size he makes up for with his speed, leg drive and aggression. He’s pretty good in defence too, wraps them up well and turns them on their back. Could definite see him locking down a back row spot.

    Reminds me a lot of Josh Papalli actually.

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  • i think based on consistency he has been in our top 5 players regularly. rarely misses a tackle, runs the ball with power and next year see him as one of our starting backrowers. although i saw on zerotackle, i think it was, that we hadn’t signed him for 2014, Is that right ?

  • Banned

    I actually think he’s proven himself to be the best backrower in the club.

    He is putting Blair, Pettybourne amd BMM to shame

  • @king sirro:

    I actually think he’s proven himself to be the best backrower in the club.

    He is putting Blair, Pettybourne amd BMM to shame

    I agree def performing, but offers dif, to Anasta and Fulton, they are ball players, almost could sub for one another at lock,

    I think sue is genuine 11 or 12,

    Bodene is probably closest partner to him

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  • Yeah really impressive

    Probably our best player to debut this year, maybe Nofo can catch up

    But I’ve got Sue ahead of Buchanan

  • Definately along with Buchanan the most impressive of this season debutants. He will play plenty of first grade injury permitting.

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