Tim Simona man of the match?

Did anyone else find channel 9’s decision to award tim Simona the man of the match award strange? Sure he was solid and scored a great try but woods ran for over 200m and made 46 tackles.

yeh tbh i did find it strange. i have had complaints with his defense this year but he is improving no doubt and today was no different… it was better yet not good enough. i thought nofo should’ve gotten it as i thought woods gave away a couple of silly penalties missed a crucial tackle on segeyaro, althought that offload was all class.

it’s amazing to see all these young guys come onto the scene atm. you can see where they need to improve and they themselves as well as the coaching staff can see that as well. im really liking the direction the team is headed to atm.

Woods would have my vote followed by Nofo.

Also put in the kick for Ava’s try. His contribution was short but telling. The difference in the end. Fair enough call I think.

Strange would be a penrith player getting it

well sure woods ran 200+ a notable achievement but simona had the match winning try and also ran 190+m i think.

It’s hard to pick one, for me woods, nofo, simona and plum were all up there. Guess that amazing match winner meant tim got it isntead of one of the others.

he played 50 odd mins out of positon on the wing for marika did a great job so personally woodsy and nofo were infront but simona had a break out game and proved why we kept him this year when there was talk he was gone. good on the kid

Anyone know who got players player

Thats the call that counts , they know