There’s all this talk about bolstering our props, but I’m more concerned about our backrow. Next year we have Galloway, Woods, Buchanan, Seumanufagai and James Gavet as our prop rotation…solid. But who are our standout backrowers? Blair? Will he even be there? Fulton, Pettybourne, Anasta, Sue (who I rate), and Thompson.

bmm was impressive today. sue will get a lot of experience this year. fulton/anasta are good for experience. thompson needs to lift. hopefully farlow gets some experience this year as well. sirro may move to second row next year

a lot of inexperience for sure though

Fulton’s fine, its Blair, Anasta, Pettybourne ,BMM and Thompson that need to pull their finger out. No one has stepped up and claimed that spot as there own. This is theire chnace, otherwise I would be happy to see Sue start.

What about Kyle Lovett - could he be a chance to play some games for us next year in the big show?

BMM has gotten a kick up the ass just like benji and he’s back into gear. I think we should see better things from him this year, unless it’s one of those “YES I WILL DO BETTER” for a week then goes back to his usual ways…

Anasta plays fine in lock? What’s all this talk about him not giving a go? On the weekend he played in center and didn’t let anyone down, a position he probably has never played.

Sure he isn’t hard running but he has grown in some size and looks pretty safe with the ball in hand and we are winning with him… He must be giving us something.

But I agree we need a second rower who can break the line and run good angles… BMM? pettybourne? They’ve had there chance and havnt impressed. I’d like to see farlow give a starting chance… Something like 11. Fulton 12. Farlow 13. Anasta and give BMM 14. And say he needs to come on for impact.

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I think we will get better results out of BMM if he starts. He needs to be shown that the team and coaching staff have some confidence in him. I think he showed this against the panthers.

Would still like to see him hit the ball up harder and hurt the opposition. Pettybourne did it in the first couple of games and then stopped….why?


What about Kyle Lovett - could he be a chance to play some games for us next year in the big show?

For sure. Another young bloke like Sue who has a fantastic attitude and does the little things right.

We also have Tapau for the front row. I agree I think even without Galloway the front rowers have been getting us upfield, but we lack those hard running second rowers making line breaks on the edges. Maybe Gavet could play second row. Shame about Andrew Vela, I think Sheens had him pencilled in for first grade only for two injury riddled seasons.

I think we are covered across the park assuming most are fit and if we only make 1 signing for next season I’d be happy with a potnet 2nd rower. That said I really like the look of Sue and he might be that player with more experience.

for next year it starts out easy.galloway farah and woods with sue at lock is shelf combo.

the edges though are wide open .
big questions about sirro being ready to start in the backrow next year.
if you start with fulton you can’t add in blair or anasta.bmm could,but he is the most frustrating player in our forwards.odds are he won’t cement that spot.
pettybourne,his whole career is full of inconsistency.
bodene,needs more stamina and looks another fringe player.

while you can hope a kid will step up,you still have to cover injuries and you are back under the pump.
yes,our backrow is a huge concern next year.

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