Woods for Tamou ?

With Tamou being done driving whilst disqualified and intoxicated could Aaron get the nod ?

NSWRL need to take a stance here , to lose a NSW origin start over the grog amazes me.

I think if Aaron smashes a few donkeys on Monday night he is IN !!!

Another win would only cement his position so here’s hoping. :deadhorse:

I reckon he will get a 1 match suspension from NQ and still play Origin.

But there is little doubt, if Tamou is dropped, Woods has to be next in line. There simply isn’t any other option anywhere near as good considering Tim Grants injured.

Now Wiedler saying the NRL might actually suspend him for Origin II.

Tim Grant would be ahead of Woods so don’t hold your breath.


Tim Grant would be ahead of Woods so don’t hold your breath.

Broken hand, gone till round 16.

I don’t think Tamou has been in world beating form this year anyway. But if he is ruled out for SOO then surely Woods must get the nod.

He’s been cleared to play this week so id say he’ll be good to go

Dean Ritchie ‏@BulldogRitchie 25s

BREAKING: James Tamou has been stood down for Origin II after being arrested for drink-driving. Likely to receive two-match suspension.


He’s been cleared to play this week so id say he’ll be good to go

Who u talking about???


He hasn’t been named in the panthers side.

Is it somewhere else??

Panthers: Wes Naiqama, Travis Robinson, Josh Mansour, Dean Whare, David Simmons, Isaac John, Luke Walsh, Nigel Plum, Kevin Kingston, Mose Masoe, Sika Manu, Lewis Brown, Adam Docker. Interchange: James Segeyaro, Matt Robinson, Cameron Ciraldo, Clint Newton, Ryan Simpkins

Hopefully Woodsy gets a start

What a baptism of fire it’d be for him.

Hope he can hold his hands up.

With Grant out it makes sense.

Probably start Merrin and bring Woods off the bench.

It is replacing like for liek but in better form. Big guy, good footwork, neat offload and a defensive workhorse capable of bigger minutes

Woodsy is in way better form than Tamou this year.

Love to see that offload in origin.

Glad Woods had a great game against the Panthers last week. With us playing on Monday night, the NSW team will be already named by the time he plays. He has done enough to justify the spot!

We’ll see - we are talking about Daley and Fulton picking a Tiger - highly unlikely - hope i’m wrong.

as much as Woodsy deserves a spot in the blues side, NSW are reknown for ignoring wests. Woods as most you guys know has been the best prop in the game for 2 years and from one bad game they dismissed giving him a jersey. what about after winning the grand final. how many tigers made origin… from memory we would have to be one of the only sides to win an GF and get bugger all origin spots. could they say ‘too young’ … my answer would be what about penrith? they did the same thing, shocked everyone by winning the GF with a young side and were givien origin jerseys.
and lets not forget 2010 and 2011 when the tigers were on fire. Granted Galloway was injured but what about lawrence, farah, moltzen, fifita , ryan and heighto… Heighto had to pla for england just to get rep football, fifita gets a chance in the nsw love child which is cronulla and farah got it after fighting tooth and nail for it, not to mention ennis was terrible.

oh and they may add ‘well wests arent doing well this year’… ok so then justify this… last year 3 quarters of your side consisted of players outside the top eight. - hayne, grant, jennings, lewis, b morris, merrin, pearce were all from teams who sat on the bottom of the table.

this year im hoping nsw wins for farah but nothing more. im over their selection as its amateur at best. i also feel sorry for souths.

im hope for woods he gets a crack at it but dont hold your breath wests fans…

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