Short Kicking Game a Big Issue

This comes up year after year, I think mainly due to the lack or constant changing of the halfback or maybe through that Wests Tigers phenonoman where nobody overcalls Benji and Robbie.

I was so frustrated with Benji’s attacking kicks whilst in the Panthers red zone. If Nofo and Simona especially didn’t pull a rabbit out of their hats with their tries, this would have been the main reason we lost imo (because we would have had our chances).

Benji’s last play options have been well below par for a player of his experience and stature in the game. Sterlo said something very similar in the commentary. The attacking kicks are either too early in the count, too short, too long, or the chasers have no idea what and when its coming. I think even Farah has lost faith in Benji and is doing alot of grubbers himself this year.

You see every other team have well drilled attacking kick plays, where everybody knows what the play will be, where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. Just about every team scores atleast one try a week with a well placed cross field kick to their outside backs, not Wests Tigers. We all know Benji’s strength is off the cuff plays but that doesn’t work with attacking kicks unless he’s chipping or grubbering for himself (something Benji rarely does - he actually kicks and fades backwards out of the play).

So the questions are, do they train for these set kicking plays enough? Does Potter only want Benji or Robbie orchestrating these plays? Does Benji hog it (overcall Sirro) looking for the limelight? Does Sirro have the kicking game to warrant him getting the ball in the red zone on the last?

This is something imo that Potter needs to address. I say, give Sirro that responsibility for a game and see how he handles it, because Benji has proven over the years his short kicking game is too inconsistent. If Benji and Potter want him at 5/8 and Sirro is the halfback then let the halfback do his job and leave the ‘run the ball plays’ to Benji.

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I have said it more than once…
Benji SHOULD NOT be our kicker in any facet of the game - Bar a 3rd string back up.
I think our only repeat set on Sunday came off the boot of Siro??

  • Benj fails to find touch more often than any other player I have ever seen in the game…
  • He is among the worst Goal Kickers in the league
  • His short kicking game is woeful
  • His long kicks never find grass, More often than not hitting the defenders on the chest
  • Kick selection is utter stupidity at best!! Against Penrith he was kicking inside our 40 on the 3rd… JUST CRAZY!!
    He has been a first grader for 10+ years and can’t f’ing kick a football. It’s been 10 years, Just give it away…
    One thing I noticed with the Broncos against Canberra was:
    Wallace takes the Kick Off
    Norman Kicks for Touch
    and Prince takes the Conversions.
    Everyone a master at thier job…
    Benji had a high spot in his career (Funnily it was around 09/10) But I honestly think Sheens has ruined him…
  • Not that I wanna jump on the “Everything is Sheensys fault” Band wagon… But Benji is an off the cuff, Ball running 5/8…
    Playing what he sees in front of him.
    Sheens has tried to turn him into an immortal… The likes of Fittler, Johns and Lewis. Fact is, He isn’t that type of player…
    Never has been. He has been pushed and pulled from the only thing he is good at that much, That he no longer knows what he is good at.
    He can’t control his own actions on the field, How can anybody possibly expect him to control a team?
    While he is controlling the tigers on the park, We will never have any structure nor substance…
    And as a result of that, Will never be a side that troubles the top 4.
    Just my honest opinion…

I get massive envy when I watch some games and teams get penalised and their kicker gains 30-40 metres….even if its from your own tryline it guarntees an attacking raid on your final play of that set should it be completed.

Too often we see piddly 15-20 touch finders that see us 40 out on the last

Nothing wrong with Benji’s goal kicks. Won us the cowboys game for sure. Sunday was the exception. Too much responsibility for him to do all the kicking.
Pretty unfair criticism based on the fact people are saying this stuff after Sunday. Siro is NOT a kicker and Anasta could probably take some of it but doesn’t train for it I’m guessing in the forwards.

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I get massive envy when I watch some games and teams get penalised and their kicker gains 30-40 metres….even if its from your own tryline it guarntees an attacking raid on your final play of that set should it be completed.

Too often we see piddly 15-20 touch finders that see us 40 out on the last

This is the main thing I’m noticing more and more each game. 20m touch finders are rare, they’re closer to 10 almost every time. Surely there is someone with a big boot who can smash it AT LEAST 30 every time.

Farah has been fantastic with his short kicks this year. He has got us so many line drop outs. Marshall, on the other hand, seems to pull his kicks out of his aaaa… Sometimes they come off but other times they are so bad it is laughable. Without Farah, we are really going to struggle in this department, because I don’t see to many other options.

Benji is not a kicking halfback. I think kicking isn’t natural to him. He has had to work very hard on his goal-kicking with I think us quite solid. He isn’t the best in the competition but there are definately worse off first choice kickers out there.

Without Farah and with Sironen, he is pretty much the only option outside Anasta. Sironen is less a kicker then Moltzen and Anasta is playing in the forwards this season and is most likely not practicing anywhere near as much as when he was a half.

This is a patch-up side at the moment. As long as they continue to compete hard and have a good go each week, we’ll be right.

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We need a halfback who can kick. Benji is expected to do everything. Farah was also out that didn’t help