Warren McDonnel

  • Warren McDonnel won’t be in charge of our top 25 recruitment anymore, it will be left to Mayer and Potter.

  • That has been the case for quite a while

  • It was always going happen it was time to change things. And things are looking good for the future hope to see more signings in the comming weeks.

  • First I’ve heard of this but it doesn’t surprise me. I think so long as the club has reliable people scouting talent, there’s really no need for a recruitment manager. Especially with a CEO and COO. Makes perfect sense actually.

  • You would assume the coach knows who he wants in 1st grade and doesn’t need an assistant

    But if McDonnell’s been scouting our juniors then he’s done a pretty good job

  • About time. Looks like mayer and potter work well together

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  • Yeh I read this today at work too….and Humpty emptys his desk as well.

  • I dont see the fuss, I thought it was always the case. Anyway, its for the best, the coach should always have the vital say in the players best suited to the direction he chooses to take the team.

  • shows how much the telegraph really know when you read the article. humphreys leaving does not make mcdonnell the longest serving WT employee he already was there before humphreys so bit of pointless writing that fact and considering mcdonnell had that same role under sheens of only signing NYC players to bring on through so really another pointless piece of writing by the telegraph.

  • Another positive step for the Tigers. At last!!!

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