9 release Benji of media appearances

  • Telegraph this morning reports Benji released from any media appearances to focus on his footy! Maybe finally the penny has dropped that he needs to focus on his on field career . This should be of most importanced to him as it all seems to be slipping by him,probable no more appearances for the kiwis if he doesn’t and further big money contracts could be at risk IMO.

  • He hasn’t been on for weeks anyway

    Blows that excuse out of the water

  • Smart he is at least taking some attention away from himself and avoiding questions relating to his bad form. He really needs to focus and get some confidence

  • Great news. Benji’s the ultimate professional and i’m not surprised he’s come to this point. He’s a determined guy, got no doubt he’ll rediscover the form. It’s a matter of when.

  • @happy tiger:

    He hasn’t been on for weeks anyway

    Blows that excuse out of the water

    Never heard him use it as an excuse.

  • idk why current players go in TFS. they just sit there without participating in the wankathon anyway

  • True… Sometime beau says nothing except for his segment

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  • Good news. Rip in Benji!!!

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  • Interesting news if true. As far as I know, channel 9 commitments are a part of the 3rd party deals Benji has to be paid outside the salary cap.

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  • I don’t think that appearing on a tv show would have any effect on your football

  • Don’t know about that, but I guese we will soon find out if the TV commitments affect his game. I don’t think it will make any difference. Take him to a psychologist and he can lay on the couch, cry and talk about Tim Sheens and how Mick Potter doesn’t let him get away with the shit he’s doing!!! Then come out next week and play his ass off……or more of the same shit.

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