Does anyone have any live stream links.

To the game tonight,Could you PM me some links if you have any, Thank you in advance. There was a thread someone made,that said he was PMing people who wanted live stream links to tonights game but i went off and couldn’t find it again. :sign:

sneaks up besides you and opens up his jacket how many you want man? you aren’t a nark right?

Just don’t post any links here guys. Cheers.

I do but how ya pm on this app ><

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Why don’t you post it,Then delete it really quickly jks jks i dont want to get you in any trouble.

Pmd ya the link enjoy

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Any chance you could PM me the link too…thanks :slight_smile:

If you could PM to me as well - I normally would be going to the pub but I have a sick wife this evening who I need to be taking care of - so a link that would allow me to watch and take care of her would be much appreciated

Is there a live radio station we could tune into?

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just google ‘live rugby stream’.

you’ll get a few sites, usually one of the first two are good.

the pop ups are a pain, and some times the feeds cut in and out… only a matter of time before there is HD streaming… (i usually only use it if watching the delayed #9 games)…

as far as radio, triple M broadcast monday night footy.

Ok pm all 3 of use. Enjoy and radio is tripple m for the game.

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Is there a live radio station we could tune into?

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Triple m for radio.

You can download app if cant get on normal radio.

Coverage from 6pm, sports show. 7pm kick off aest

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Can we get the 20’s live on radio at all? Or cld someone PM me the live stream link PLEASE?

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Thank you Rob86a :slight_smile:

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