Can we sell Marshall Please?

  • This guy wants an upgrade and an extension , who is he trying to kid… He can’t even tackle to begin , The effort in the 1st half with the Gillett try is so embarrassing and the effort on Scott Prince 's Try was shocking , he struggles to find open field on 5th tackle kicks and still goes for the shocking low percentage plays like just before half time on the half way line kicks over the top , I know a lot love him here but i’m over him , can we do a mid season release like a Soward to the Super League . 😠

  • Benji Marshall - Dally M 2013 anyone?

    god he’s pathetic, thought he’d turned a little corner after the Souths game, got a kick up the arse but nope, he’s lost it. Out he goes, jap rugby or the eels and we can pick up where we left off in 2011 with Moses and Brooks or maybe Braith if mitch is still a bit light next year.

  • That inept & uncourageous effort has to be the beginning of the end for Benji at WT.
    He either doesnt wish to be there or doesnt deserve to be there,& its an insult to the many kids & Fulton out there who busted a gut tonite.For the first time,on balance,we’d be better off without him going forward.
    The Board cant possibly consider he has a future beyond this season

  • It just looks like he dosnt want to play RL or play RL for wests. Either way grant him his wish.

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  • The picture tells the story Marshall no longer wants to be at the Tigers …tonight’s performance was a disgrace . The club should ask him if he wants a release then after this year grant the release sad actually

  • have to agree.

    didnt care at all.

    used to love him, but its time to go pal.

  • He should be paying us to have a first grade contract.
    Even then I wouldn’t want him.

  • It obvious his not happy and it shows , time to show him the door and grant him a release.
    Hopefully Blair and Pettybourne will follow.

  • He was pathetic tonight. His overall kicking game is poor, his defence was disgraceful and he refuses to take the line on and get tackled. I have defended him in the past but we have to cut him free. He is done

  • Scott Prince a what ? 35 year old halfback beats him 1 on 1 and goes for the easiest tries he will score , he is not interested and Pettybourne is another shocker but haven’t got much choice at the moment

  • Very disheartened by it all tbh. I’m not sure what happens now. I can’t see him being dropped if Blair still has his job. I’m at a loss Benji wanting a million a year has 2 be a gup.
    650k Benji Blair 500k at the moment I’m sure we could spend the cash better. Ah well just hope we don’t get the spoon. Not sure how much a difference Lawrence will make coming back. We are really missy big Keith I feel sorry for woods but the guy is a champion.
    Rant over sorry for long post

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  • yeah

    i’m a pretty sentimental person and prepared to give old favourites a million chances

    but I think tonight was a million +1

    terrible defence and his kicks were ineffectual to say the least

    it’s a bit much to expect him to do everything as our only playmaker, but he was by far our worst tonight

  • Sell him for what ??

    On his 2012 and 2013 performances he isn’t worth a 1/5 of what he earns and noone will pay big bucks for him

  • I can wear poor form when a bloke has a go, but benji just looks fat, slow, scared, inept and disinterested.

    Lawrence’s situation makes me sad but benji makes me angry.

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  • Did anyone see him after the last try on the stroke of halftime in the ingoal

    Here he is giving Nofoaluma a mouthful after it was his stupid kick that put the Broncos on the attack

    Anyone who thinks he can turn his career around after tonight probably still believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and thinks we can win the premiership

    And they should also book themselves into the Docs because the meds aren’t working

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