• Very disappointed in our attack. Most of the game we only made about 5 metres per tackle (if that) where the broncos would make at least 10.
    Why do wests wait until the opposition are at full speed before they tackle?
    Disappointed in Benjis short kick decisions in first half.
    Why do they keep running the first four tackles into the forwards when they never get through. :brick: Yet when we pass it into the back line, we look like we’ll score.
    I know it’s probably the game plan, but if it ain’t working……

  • We got beaten upfront and thats why I think you’ll find why we were running it often and trying chip kicks.

  • yeah our line speed has been a problem for a while

    it was bad against Penrith too, and I thought it would cost us, but we finally showed some enthusiasm and beat them. We didn’t kick into gear tonight

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