Boys vs men

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His going backwards fast….

Isn’t that the story for all our signings?

We are the Wests retirement village.

Last night was an interesting comparison. In fact Broncos are not that far ahead of where we are. Take a look at their team. They too have quite a few young guys but most of them are in their 2nd, 3rd-4th season of top grade now. Guys like Hoffman, Norman, Maranta, McCullough. Granted we have a few more youngsters in our 17 than they ever had but they too are still having issues even now. They had lost their past 4. Just goes to show with the Boys v Men comparison that in order to develop this takes time and we should not be giving up on the younger guys. Buchanan for example has fallen away as the season goes on but I like his work ethic and his mechanics look good for a prop. Give him another year or two and I see him following the path of Galloway and Woods. Right now he looks a little exhausted probably as much physically as mentally.


Another off season and Buchanan will come back better. He’s being outplayed by all the other younger forwards now though.

100% I don’t think we are able to rest him due to cap issues though.

Would like to see him rotate with Sue at lock forward

Buchanan was averaging 100m and making about 30 tackles a game in the early rounds. He’s just a young fella and he’s been worn out.

Compare the work he’s getting through and the games played to other young forwards like Klemmer and Jack Stockwell, and you’ll see his stats look pretty good.

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