Surplus to requirements

  • Only my opinion but
    Marshall( he can’t come back, he’s too far gone)
    I think these guys are holding back the talent that i feel Tedesco, Nofo, Koro, Sironen, Sue, Buchanan, Simona and Brooks will bring our club. I can cop errors from kids who are really learning on the run, but the ineptitude shown by Benji and some of the others is not acceptable.

  • What did Blair do wrong tonight ? I think he has been good this year whenever he has played in the middle . Others I agree with although not sure where u find a hooker with 100 games experience willing to play reserve grade for all except 2 or 3 games a year

  • Blair has definitely improved but since we re-signed Galloway and have Taupau coming, I think Woods Sue and Buchanan are all better options in my opinion. Blair is a waste in the back row. You might be right on Iosefa.

  • I leave this one to Potter.Please get it right Mick

  • Eddy has been the most disappointing of the new recruits for me. He is inconsistent in the same game and for a first grader that is not good enough.

  • I honestly don’t get all the hatred directed at Iosefa, last season he made some impressive cameo’s and did his best to inspire the team with up in your face defence putting on some massive shots and was reasonably reliable out of dummy half. What do you expect for a back up hooker? particularly when your first choice hooker is a marquee player - if we look at north qld, kosjaysn, moore and maybe thompson are all probably equal or arguably higher quality to iosefa but they would all be on more money due to the lack of a dominant hooker. I have no issues if he stays, he has a lot of heart and tries his best - more than what can be said of half the side.

    For mine Fulton should be named vice captain, he is a club legend. Week in week out he busts his gut for this side and when he was slipped out in 09 or whenever to play for Hull he couldn’t wait to come back - he truly cares about this club and is the type of player we need.

    It really is a sad time with Benji. I suffered an early retirement following 2 knee reconstructions to my left knee by the age of 20, but prior to that i had modelled my game on prince, farah and benji. He captured my imagination and was my hero - i find it hard to maintain a hero when they no longer possess the qualities which made them such a thing in my eyes. I truly hope benji returns to form - because he is a wonderful player and one of the best in the game at his peak. Whilst all the blame can rest on his shoulders, he has been atrocious, if not for the play maker part but more so his effort and application. This said it would some what break my heart seeing him play for another NRL side, i am a tedesco fan and obviously he is a player of the future but i can’t help but think the best situation atm would be to play marshall at fullback and get him to focus on his running game and force him to make his tackling efficient. Our side for the rest of this season could look like

    1. Marshall 2. Tedesco .3 Nofo 4. Ayshford/simona/lawrence 5. Koro 6. Sironen 7. Anasta/Brooks. This would create direction and potentially play marshall back in to form, hell its worth a shot based on what we have seen this year.

    I would not be resigning marhsall at all on an increased rate and if anything he should be capped to an ABSOLUTE max of 500k and only if he returns to form by next season (which is when negotiations should occur).


    BLAIR - Do not care what anyone says he is a disgrace, whilst his defence was decent last night surely he didnt have more than about 5 hit ups? what is that crap
    PETTYBOURNE - I was excited about his signing cause it finally meant the tigers had bought a wrecking ball type player but his running has been softer, hands like brad drew and defence non existant
    MOLTZEN - In my opinion is close to the worst player to have ever played for this club, i was happy st george had picked him up the other year and still devastated he reneged even when he was playing ok. The similarities in his game to that of fitzhenry are frightening.
    TUQUIRI - an obvious one, i would love to see how much he is earning aswell - itd be a chunk
    UTAI - He was great as a bargain buy 50 grand in his first season but a contract upgrade was ridiculous, time to go lil fella
    SPENCE - Unless he remains a nsw cup player beyond this season then please stop taking up our top 25 cap.
    MARSHALL - Subject to my above rant. I would let him see out his contract though, but a stint in reserve grade would be fine by me :deadhorse:

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