SOS Half back

History says we only looked good when we’ve had a good organizer. End the crap and sign one.
For the future the following must happen.
1. Keep Benji only if we sign a halfback.
2. Blood one of our young gun halves this year, not to save our season, but to see if there’s a possible Combination that works with Benji.
3. If Potter and management don’t do something soon, the spotlight will turn on them, although I hope not, they’ll be victims too.
4. No more makeshift halves, Siro is not the answer.

I love it every time this topic is brought up, someone will say, but there’s no one out there, please, how many good halfbacks have been on the market in the last 12-18 months.

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Totally agree, we need to blood Luke Brooks now!


Totally agree, we need to blood Luke Brooks now!


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