Kevin naiqama

Sir Wayne has let him go. Worth the club having a look or do we have enough outside backs in the lower grades? He looks like a decent player from the few games I’ve seen.

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Would be a handy pickup at a great price.

Has speed, something we lack

More backs? It was clear last night half of our forward pack are nothing but park footballers. What we do need is a half back

@Wacko Jacko:

Going to Panthers

Again? How much money do they have? He would’ve been a good pick up for us, imo.

Kev >
He’s a cut above the rest.
Fullback, wing, centre - he can do it.

Joining his bro @ Penny no doubt.
He’s better than Wes, also.

Handy pick up. Needs to be a regular first grader.
Too gifted for NSWCUP.

If Ferguson gets the sack he will be at canberra.

Nope, we will have limited salary space next season for more players since so many are still on contract even if we want them gone. BUY FORWARDS good forwards that is. We are losing this season through metres. If we lose the physical battle we give away more penalties and more tries because they are 10 out instead of 30 out every time.

Incorrect info….

He already signed with panthers today lol.


He already signed with panthers today lol.

Got my info last night from the man himself…
Guess that Canberra appointment will be cancelled.
Sorry lads.

shame, hes probably one of the better fullbacks in the competiton (even thought hes in NSW cup)

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