Lets just dump Marshall altogether

Benji lost most on the Forum last night after another insipid performance

I have a plan , so take note Potter , print it out and stick it on the wall and study it every Tuesday 😆

Lets drop Marshall for the rest of the season play Anasta and Sironen in the halves and build the club around defence and hopefully we can outscore sides in low scoring affairs

This will help us in many ways We get a far better kicking game , we will have a far better defensive unit in the halves and will help us set up in 2014 when our young guns are ready

I know that many on here want to see the free flowing Tigers , but they aren’t going to succeed with the backs we have at the moment

Wonder what others opinions are ??

Benji Marshal is still a “scared cow”……you cannot talk bad about him or drop him otherwise heads will roll.

His poor performances in a young side that desperately needs someone to put their hand up is just mind blowing.

Does he want to be there…I don’t know but Benji is not even a shadow of the player he once was.

Last night I saw Fulton and alot of the young blokes have a real dig…Noaf and Sue especially…well done.

But benji, really really disappointing…you are not earning your money…maybe you need to go out on the drink with Dugan and Ferguson !!!

Totally agree except for the notion that he was once a great rugby league player. Only ever a talented touch football player in my opinion.

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