Tiger Iosefa escapes NRL ban for tripping

  • Tiger Iosefa escapes NRL ban for tripping

    Tue 18th June, 11:15am

    Wests Tigers hooker Masada Iosefa will be free to play this weekend despite being cited for tripping Brisbane skipper Sam Thaiday in Monday night’s NRL match.

    Iosefa was placed on report for sliding his knees into Thaiday in the 26th minute of the Broncos’ 32-12 win at Suncorp Stadium.

    The 25-year-old was slapped with a grade-one tripping charge over the offence, but will escape suspension whether or not he enters an early guilty plea.

    The Tigers face Canberra at Campbelltown Stadium on Saturday.

    No other player has been charged from the NRL’s round 14 matches.

  • Thats bad news as far as I’m concerned

  • His not the best or smartest footballer but he does has a go. I don’t think his an 80 minute player but he does work hard.

  • It’s not the greatest news. He doesn’t offer anything there than Fulton doesn’t.

    Fulton gets through a mountain of work, his passing ability is no worse than Iosefa. Some of those passes out of dummy half last night were woeful.

  • To be honest he played pretty well last night.

  • it was barely a trip. Thiaday trod in Iosefas’ ankle and fell over the clumsy oaf.

  • with decent halves he would be ok.

    Problem is most our (useful) creativity is from Farah. He doesn’t replace this… i don’t know if fulton would as well.

    We really have only benji to rely on and that in itself is shocking

  • That is a shame

  • Was hoping he’d get the rest of the season off from that calas act. very dangerous indeed. 😕

    He played better last night than last week. Marginally. The flat passes were less of and the one handed scoop was also pulled back. I bet someone said something to him about that last week. For me, Fulton should be Hooker when Farah is out.

  • He needs to be then last night. Concentrate more on getting the kicker in a good position, etc.

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  • @happy tiger:

    Thats bad news as far as I’m concerned

    Glad you said it before I did Happy.

  • @willow:

    @happy tiger:

    Thats bad news as far as I’m concerned

    Glad you said it before I did Happy.

    My only guess why Luani hasn’t been picked would be 2nd tier restrictions , similiar to Brooks

  • Its not the end of the world…. Yeah Fulton could pull it off, but this way we 2 blokes who will both go out there and tackle their asses off… Iosefa pumps his numbers late in the game flopping, but while his gas tank lasts does more than a fair share of work.

  • What he didn’t get charged maybe they should look at it again…… We can’t even get good decisions go in our favoue

  • thought he would be 28-30… doesnt look 25.

    thought he played well on monday. not many errors- a few missed tackles, but none were costly. his service out of dummy half is OK. can do a good flat ball in front of the playmaker but hardly does that.

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