Sean Kenny Dowell leaving Roosters

Hear from my mad Roosters mate that it looks like the Roosters are letting go SKD at the end of 2013

In my opinion thats exactly what the Tigers are looking for

Others thoughts ??

Did you watch him play this weekend? It wasn’t out of the norm for him, just my most recent memory if him.

The drop ball over the try line was embarrassing (BMM).
The kick that lead to the beasts 80m try was embarrassing.

2009? Great year for SKD.

From there he has been average bordering on incompetent. We already have enough of that.

No for me.

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not a massive fan, would have minded the nuuasala rumour coming into fruition. But he’s not a player we should pay overs for.

A massive NO THANK YOU

Nope he was useless on the weekend and offers nothing more than what Ayshford and Lawrence do atm.

He has turned into a complete basket case, definitely not interested.

He & the club are denying the rumours

we already have too many outside backs… if we buy one more- i can imagine him or someone else playing in the forwards which i definitely dont want.

I’d give him a go?? Why not only on minimal contract though

How about buying some forwards…BIG Forwards…Don’t need anymore backs…

SKD is good but do we need another back?
I dont think so.

We still need a quality centre

No thanks to SKD. We need genuine strikepower in the centres and he doesn’t offer that IMO.

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